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More website must-have’s for online success

Posted in: Online Marketing

Email Marketing 

Email marketing can transform your sales cycle by automating sends and follow-ups, and by tracking and reporting on the success of each send campaign. Sending out email newsletters regularly is also very cost effective. 

Advanced Site Analytics 

Measure the success of your website to make informed marketing decisions. 
It’s easy to add a tool like Google Analytics to access advanced reporting options. Track things like number of visits, from what city, what keywords were searched to reach your site etc. 

RSS Feeds 

An automated way to keep in regular contact with your clients.
Most email clients will allow users to sign up to your RSS feeds to get blog / latest news updates from your website, direct to their inbox. 

You Tube & social media 

Social Media is the new way to market yourself online. Some good options are YouTube video modules, integrated Twitter feeds and social media sharing icons on your blogs. 

Members Area 

A great way to offer more value. Provide unique, useful content just for clients or site members. 

Showcase / Product Photo Gallery 

Users respond to visual images. If your site doesn’t have the ability to showcase your work / products in a visually appealing way, then chances are you are missing out on leads and failing to market your business effectively.