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Email marketing = smart marketing. Be heard.

Posted in: Business Advice
When it comes to acquiring new customers, it doesn’t have to be slow going any more. Today the most cost effective and powerful communication solution is email marketing.

Email marketing technology with their built in advanced analytics, can help you build business intelligence.


More website must-have’s for online success

Posted in: Online Marketing Here's some more website must-have’s that will add value to your site and increase your ROI.


Use a Business Facebook page, not an individual FB page

Posted in: Business Advice, Online Marketing Don’t set up your business with your individual Facebook page. Facebook used to offer limited setup functionality for businesses, but this has now changed.


Website ongoing fees exposed

Posted in: Business Advice, Online Marketing
All marketing / web agencies have different ongoing fees, so how do you get the best value for money out of your website? 

Here's some important things that your monthly subscription should include.


Customer Retention

Posted in: Business Advice
Most businesses spend 5 to 10 times more on new client acquisition than on existing client retention.

You work hard and spend big money to gain customers, it only makes sense to put effort into retaining customers to benefit from long-term repeat business.